Festival of Colours

Festival of Colors by International Magnetic Trainer Albina Maria Garcia Garrido, Spain

Step 1.
Place the Competition Form (177006) and apply Gel Polish Bond (130010).  Make the nail with Prestige Crystal Clear (114176).  Use Prestige Camouflage powder at the cuticle.

Step 2.

Pinch the nail and file the shape.  Remove the dust.  Clean with Prep & Wipe (135016).

Step 3.
Apply Gel Polish Nude Pink (103302).  Cure the nail and seal the nail with Gel Polish Base & Top (103000).  Buff to remove shine.

Step 4.
Cut Holographic FX Foil (118308) in shape and apply it on the nail with tweezers.  Seal the nail with Gel Polish Base & Top.

Step 5.
Paint the abstract design with the vrush brush short (211077) and One Coat Color Gel Black (106600).  Cure the nail.

Step 6.
Use One Coat Color gels:
Pink on Fire (106615), Perfect Slate (106641), Turquoise (106608), Spicy Cinnamon (106643) for your design.  DO NOT cure the nail, but apply Mermaid Powder Blue/Green (118070).

Step 7.
Paint the lines with One Coat Color Gel Black.  Apply a Crystallised Stone Small AB (118703) and some Metal Bullions Gold (118313) in Gel Polish Base & Top.  Cure the Nail.

The End Result.